This New Device May Help Many Australians Relieve Pain With Red Light Therapy.

by Jason S. (4 Minute Read)

Red Light Therapy Really Works
Red Light Therapy Alternative for Pain Pain Relief

Millions of Australians wake up with soreness in their joints. They've either pulled something out of place while moving a heavy item, or even just getting off the couch the wrong way. Maybe they do what they've always done: pop an ibuprofen or two and wait for it to go away. Even if it takes weeks or months. Even if it just keeps getting worse.

The persisting pain in your joints and muscles can be a red flag that your body’s natural healing process is running slower than it’s supposed to. But you don’t have to wince and wait through it.

Now there’s a natural, non-invasive, easy-to-use way to speed up the body’s healing process. No pills or tricks — just clinically proven science¹ that stimulates the body’s natural processes.

Specific red light wavelengths stimilate your body's mitochondria.


Red Light Phototherapy is an innovative and clinically proven¹ method of speeding up the healing process; but to understand how it works, you need to first understand how the body works.

Turns out the mitochondria is more than just a quiz term from your high school science class. These cell powerhouses are what help the bodies heal from chronic pain and inflammation, through a triple whammy of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), and Nitric Oxide (NO).

Your body burns through ATP, which is why mitochondria churn out 100 pounds of it every single day. And if you’re injured, you’ll need extra ATP to heal, putting strain on your body’s systems.

Red Light Therapy speeds up this process in a way that’s natural, non-invasive, and so easy you can do it from home.

Introducing the redify
at-home light therapy device

What it is

Redify’s Therapy Light is a cutting edge home therapy device that boosts your body’s healing processes through a careful combination of red and near-infrared lights.

Utilising a therapy backed by decades of peer-reviewed studies¹, Redify’s Therapy Light targets areas of pain with a combination of three wavelengths, which boosts your body’s mitochondria and can reduce the time required to relieve, repair and recover.

The Redify Therapy Light emits enormous power and it's lightweight, so that you can easily conduct your treatments from the comfort of your own home.


A very specific wavelength of light — right where visible red light reaches the cusp of invisible infrared light — can seep through the skin and trigger your mitochondria to produce more ATP, ROS, and NO. Not only does this boost the healing process in the area where you apply the light therapy, it can improve your holistic health and may help keep soreness and pain from developing in other areas.

This science is not new: red light therapy goes all the way back to 1903 when it was discovered by Nobel Prize winner Niels Finsen, and its positive effects have been clinically proven¹ in countless peer-reviewed studies¹.

However, only with recent scientific innovation has red light therapy become accessible and affordable for home use. Now there are quite a few red light therapy treatments on the market, but there’s only one you should trust for your home use.


Redify’s Therapy Light offers a carefully calibrated and concentrated dose of red and near-infrared right at three key wavelengths: 630, 660 and 850nm. This triple dose of light naturally promotes every stage of the healing process:

  • It May Help Relieve the affected area by boosting circulation and oxygen, as well as releasing endorphins and nitric oxide.
  • It May Help Repair by engaging the mitochondria, regenerating cells faster and more effectively.
  • It May Help Recover energy for self-healing by turbocharging ATP production and cell charge.

Redify’s Therapy Light is a class II medical device, ensuring it’s safe and accurate for home use. And its triple-calibrated light emitters means it can be effectively used across the entire body for a variety of restorative uses, including:

  • - Sports injuries
  • - Skin restoration / anti-aging.
  • - May help with Arthritis pain management.
  • - May help with pain caused by Inflammation.
  • - And more...

The best part— Redify's Red Light Therapy device is designed to be used in your own home.

Designed by experts, Redify's light therapy device is a super simple way to administer your own Red Light treatment from the comfort of your own home.


It's just a one-time cost, and as Monica, a Redify customer put it: "I used to go to light therapy clinics every two weeks. Each session cost me $150. Once I discovered Redify, I instantly made a purchase and now I save so much money by doing it at home."

Additionally, with stock running critically low and the global manufacturing system in chaos due to the pandemic - people are being urged to snap up the limited devices today (orders within the next 24 hours only are guaranteed to be delivered on time).

Redify's warehouse is in Melbourne & Sydney. Offering quick shipping Australia-Wide.

The Redify team is so confident in their product that they are offering a 60-day no question free return if you are unhappy for any reason.


Typically, the device is available for $247, but for a limited time you can grab it for just $197. That's a saving of $50.00! Don’t wait for the pain to go away any longer. With Redify, you can start living your best life, sooner.

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Whats more impressive are the amazing reviews for the light therapy device. Thousands of Australians have posted online about how much the red light therapy device has changed their lives (it's averaging rated 4.8 STARS on 3rd party review apps like loox and

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From JUST A ONE TIME COST OF $197, no matter what income level you're on, it's possible to make sure that you or your loved one gets the treatment that's deserved.

Money Back Guarantee/Return Policy

There is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee with Redify's Red Light Therapy Device. which can be handled with help from their live customer service.

Check out the comments below from actual verified customers

Josh D.

Good investment into my health. Its easy to use, effective, the team is great to deal with. They have given me awesome advice on how to use this product to get the best results. My mobility has improved significantly over the last month.

Tammy G.

I could not be happier with Redify. I am 72 years old and I have suffered from foot pain for years. I am seeing results within one week of use.

Brett L.

I waited a month before leaving my review as I wanted to see if it would help sooth the pain in my right hand. I can say now that I am very pleased with the results from this device. It has given me relief I have not been able to achieve with medication previously.

Experience the benefits of Redify's Light Therapy Device

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